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Master of the Wind
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Master of the Wind:
"Master of the Wind is a superhero game which takes place in the fantasy world of Solest. It is a story told in seven chapters, referred to as "arcs." (You know...like story arcs. It makes sense once you think about it a bit) Cade Mistral and his best friend, a skeleton named "Bones," work as armor merchants in the beautiful seaside town of Port Arianna. Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, Cade also protects them as the spear-wielding wind mage known as Shroud. Bones joins him as Stoic, a mighty undead warrior who has lived through roughly one thousand years of history." ~MotW Official Website
"An Internet forum graphic to be placed in a Forum Signature. Userbars are typically 350 by 19 pixels square, and represent a hobby that the displayer enjoys, a product that the displayer uses, or a thing the displayer likes or hates. Most userbars have a three-dimentional look and partialy-transparent diagonal scanlines throughout. Most userbars have text in a white 'Visitor' font (size 10) with a one-pixel border of black surrounding the text." ~Personal Definition. Quote me at will.

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